Our Story
If you ever took a ride on NYC's MTA railroad system then i hope that you were fortunate enough to run into a young man by the name of NOTES!

Not only will he entertain you with alluring sounds off of his Flute but he will astound you with positive lyrics, vocals , smooth  guitar and maybe ever so often great choreography. But its not just the incredible Talent that makes this young man a Five Star Quadruple threat. Its even more the belief of delivering a solution in his songs and sharing the truth in life he has experienced  so others can grow.
"Traveling  around the world you run into some really Amazing Performers" Notes said. So I put a justice league  team together of the best ive encountered  so far and started to display our talents in the train stations. We were Underground so much they gave us the nickname ANTS. "I LOVED IT" so i took it even further ARTISTRY NOURISHING THE SOUL!!!!
There are many sounds to NYC's streets and railroad systems.
Some are annyoyingly disturbing, others are everyday means of communication whether good or bad, and the rest are things we barely pay attention to as we continue in on our daily routines.
What makes NOTES and his ANTS squad any different from the last performer that you encountered on your journey through the city. Well not only are they extrememly dilligent in practicing to be able to manipulate the sound the best way possible for you enjoyment. But they are all blessed to have grown up in the BIG APPLE so what they give out is only what they would be expecting to hear.
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